Part 3

Then they arrived. They looked exactly the way, you would imagine heads of state. Grey, old gentlemen, dressed in perfect fitting designer suits, chosen by their spin doctors, the expensive, hand-rolled Havana placed in the corner of their mouth. And they were talking…talking, talking, nothing but talking, but fortunately he was not paid for listening anyway.

But suddenly it was like someone slapping him right into his face. The world around him seemed to blur and from one moment to the other, there was nothing anymore…nothing but her.

Like an angel rising from the depth of hell, she appeared behind the wall of grey, dusty representatives of power and money. As she flipped back her head, her blonde hair seemed to gleam like spider webs in the early morning sun. A white, tight blouse caressed her perfect breasts and with every step she swung her small hips alluringly, as if she were dancing.

He was electrified and as she walked by, suddenly their eyes met and a trace of a girl-like naive curiosity flitted over her perfect face, but just for one second. Afterwards it was that same mask of cold professionalism again.

At one stroke he was fulfilled by a peace of mind, he had never known before. Now he knew even if nothing would happen, even if nobody would be killed, he was already dead. He died the moment he saw this woman for the first time…


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Honestly, I got idea what to write in a blog.  I’m not that kind of an extroverted person, so I’d rather like to keep my inner life and my thoughts for myself (I’m not even able to write a diary. Honestly, I tried, but it just didn’t work). Another point is that I’m not sure what this blog should be about. Are we free to write about anything we’re interested in? Should we dedicate this blog to a certain topic? Or are we supposed to write something about our cybertext seminar? You see, a lot of questions but not the trace of an answer…

Maybe it might be the best  to wait until tomorrow and hope for some illuminating answers. However, task is done…

c u guys tomorrow!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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